Friday, November 25, 2016

REVIEW: Blomstermandala by Maria Trolle

Blomstermandala by Maria Trolle might be my favorite coloring book. It's so lovely and I love all the drawings in it. I always hesitate to start coloring in it, because I'm so afraid that I can't do it justice with my coloring.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Luna" from Inklings by Tanya Bond

I needed af break from the big double spread from Imagimorphia by Kerby Rosanes. Luckily I had just received Inklings by Tanya Bond. A lovely book filled with pages that can be colored relatively quickly.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

HAPPY MAIL: Inklings and Astro-Inklings by Tanya Bond

These two beauties came in the mail yesterday afternoon and I'm extremely excited. I ordered them as soon as I saw that Tanya Bond had made an astrology inspired coloring book. I've seen her Inklings on Instagram before, but I didn't want to order from Amazon. I couldn't hold back this time though. I had to have the Astro-Inklings book and the Inklings book just kind of jumped in my cart, oops.

I knew that the paper wouldn't be amazing, because they're printed by Amazon, but it's so much worse than I had expected. Next time I'll save up and order the better quality ones from Tanya's Etsy shop!

I think I'll color the cancer page first, because that's my zodiac sign. I want to make it even more true to the colors and the personality of the sign than Tanya did with her version.

Do you want flip throughs of the books?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to color a mushroom in 5 easy steps

This is quick 5-step guide on how to simply color a mushroom like the one you see on the photo. You'll only need 3-4 colored pencils of your choice and a blender or paperstump, if you wish so.

Monday, November 21, 2016

How I start coloring a page (Imagimorphia)

I started this WIP (work in progress) with a lot of hares and mushrooms from Imagimorphia by Kerby Rosanes yesterday afternoon. I got this idea to show and tell what I do before I start coloring a new page and how I start adding the color.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

REVIEW: Dagdrömmar by Hanna Karlzon

Dagdrömmar (Daydreams) by Hanna Karlzon is one my most favorite coloring books, which is why I have chosen to review this book first. I had seen it on instagram and I had fallen in love. I had to have it.
I'm so lucky that my lovely boyfriend found it at and bought it for me as a birthday present. I was thrilled!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Welcome to Always Coloring!

Hello and welcome to my new blog, Always Coloring!

This is a place for all of you, who loves coloring as much as I do. Coloring is not only my favorite hobby, it's also how I relieve stress and anxiety. I color almost everyday. Somedays more than others as I'm a student and I have to study too!

Always Coloring will be a place where I'll share my coloring, tips and tricks, tutorials, videos, reviews and much more. I'm absolutely sure that I'll be so much fun and I can't wait to fill the blog with amazing content for all of you!

I'm always happy to get suggestions and feedback from my readers, so please do so! It helps a lot!

Lots of love, Katrine.